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Acorns to Ancients in East Anglia

Here's a list of our favourite trees in East Anglia:

  • Tree 14, Cambridgeshire; One of several trees in Ferry Meadows Park in Peterborough. This tree was recorded by ATH verifier Jon Parsons who passed the site many times with his children as he walked past the steam railway.
  • Tree 11923, Norfolk; Kett’s Oak, on the road between Wymondham and Hethersett. This was famously where Robert Kett rallied his followers during a religious rebellion in 1549. The tree named in his honour is still standing at the side of the B1172 today as testament to the events.
  • Tree 124, One of few ancient trees recorded in the whole of the county, this oak can be found on Suffolk Wildlife Trust land at Woolverstone Park. Full of character; imagine its offspring growing up like this in your own back garden.
Tree 11923, The Kett's Oak. Photo ATH/Chris Hickman.