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Acorns to Ancients in Scotland

Here's a list of our favourite trees in Scotland:

  • Tree 180, Fife; The Balmerino Sweet Chestnut is found within the ruins of the 13th century Cistercian Monastery and is one of the oldest to be found in Scotland. An iconic religious site and one perfect for seed gathering. (NT)
  • Tree 2040, Dumbartonshire; One of three ancient trees located on the Isle of Inchmurrin, not that we are suggesting everyone has to find an isle to locate an ancient tree to gather their seeds. But this is a picturesque, remote location which should lend itself to some hardy seedlings.
  • Tree 11121, Orkney Isles; Orkney’s “Big Tree”, a sycamore planted by Robert Laing in 1803 and now something of an attraction in the main street of Kirkwall. A great example of a piece of local history.
  • Tree 5320, Scottish Borders; The Capon Tree was a meeting place for Scottish border clans. It is said that the Capuchin Order of monks used the tree as a shelter on their way to Jedburgh Abbey.
  • Tree 2289, Stirling; A well hidden ancient rowan in the hillsides of Stirling, a small but perfectly formed ancient tree – garden size too!
Tree 11121, Kirkwall. Photo ATH/Richard Toleman.