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Acorns to Ancients in the South West

Here's a list of our favourite trees in the South West:

  • Tree 2281, Devon; The Stumpy Oak can be found at the intersection of two roads near Holne. Legend has it that it marks an old monastic route known as ‘The Monk’s Path’ and if you listen closely you can hear the murmuring of a lone monk who had been sheltering from a storm under the tree.
  • Tree 11766, Dorset; The Tolpuddle Martyr’s tree is of course famed for the staging of the Martyrs revolt and landmark trade union meeting in 1834. Symbolic for the labour movement’s struggles, the meeting at this very location ultimately led to the creation of the trade union movement.
  • Tree 5140, Gloucestershire; The Tortworth Sweet Chestnut is a spectacular tree believed to be over 800 years old. Visiting the tree in person it may appear that there are several trees at the location but the growth is in fact all from the same tree.
  • Tree 3737, Somerset. The Ashbrittle Yew is said to be approximately 3000 years old, one of many special yew trees found in churchyards around the county.
  • Tree 420, Wiltshire; The Cathedral Oak in Savernake Forest is one of many famous trees to be found on the estate owned by the Marquis of Ailesbury. Many of the trees within are hundreds of years old and some have links back to the time of Henry VIII, who courted Jane Seymour in and around the forest according to local folklore.
Tree 11766, Tolpuddle. Photo ATH/Chris Hickman.