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The Ancient Tree Hunt team were invited to work with Autumnwatch as they will be raising awareness about ancient trees as a part of the programme in 2007. Go behind the scenes to see how Autumnwatch is made...

The ATH team start the day at
Martin Sands at 8.30am, helping the
Autumnwatch team decide on content
for the day and preparing for Kate & Bill’s arrival

Meet the director. Mark Jones is a popular director who before coming onto Autumnwatch worked on such
prestigious shows as Antiques Roadshow
and DIY SOS – which is why he is so in demand!

The team spend over 2 hours setting up
the camera’s to be able to film Autumnwatch
prior to Kate & Bill’s arrival, carrying heavy
camera equipment deep into the forest….

Autumnwatch is infamous for its beautiful and intricate camera work that showcases wildlife at its best. See the team in action capturing those magical images.
You can also see more on the bbc website

Our stars of the Autumnwatch screen.
Kate & Bill start to walk and talk through
how they will help us tell the nation about the ancient tree hunt in the up and coming series

After a long days filming every one went off to enjoy a few sandwiches and then the Ancient Tree Hunt team headed back to Grantham while Kate and Bill prepared for another series of wildlife watching and woodland frolics

Autumnwatch isn't just on BBC 2 - it's also in your neighbourhood.

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