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Rob McBride's Offa's Dyke Diary

Follow the "Tree Hunter" Rob McBride as he attempts to walk the entire length of the 182 - mile Offa's Dyke path.

The tree hunter, Rob McBride.

Volunteer verifier Rob McBride is currently traversing the 182 miles that make up the Offa's Dyke Path, something never before attempted!

Beginning at Prestatyn in North Wales Rob will slowly make his way south toward his goal; Chepstow at the southern end of the Dyke path. On his journey he will be stopping to survey any old trees that he thinks should be recorded. He even caught the attention of the local BBC.

You can follow his video diary here.....


Distance 12 Miles.

Wed 23rd April 2008.

Tree 8555, an ash verified by Rob on Offa's Dyke.


Distance 12 Miles?

Fri 25th April 2008.

Tree 10024; Sycamore, Eglwyseg Mountain.

Keep upto date with Rob's latest travels on his Flickr page and Facebook profile