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Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group

The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) is helping the Ancient Tree Hunt by raising awareness amongst landowners about the importance of ancient trees and about the Ancient Tree Hunt project. FWAG is also helping to gather records of ancient trees on private land through the landowners that they advise.

FWAG provides farmers and landowners with practical advice on making adjustments to farm operations and enhancing farm features in order to support wildlife, landscape, archaeology, access and other conservation issues.

FWAG Advice is based on:

  • a whole farm approach since all parts of the farm are important for conservation
  • tailor-made conservation plans designed to suit the farm type, location and the farmer's aspirations, commitment and pocket
  • a partnership with the farmer, conservation bodies, farming organisations and government agencies
  • zero/low cost management options where possible (conservation need not be costly)
  • identification of appropriate grant sources
  • the understanding that conservation need not compromise the farm's commercial objectives

Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group

For more information visit the FWAG website