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Kew Gardens

The role of education at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is to increase public knowledge and understanding of the value and vital importance of plants and to increase recognition of and to gain support for their work.

Their outdoor classroom teachers have joined up with the Ancient Tree Hunt to offer a unique learning experience for students about the importance of old trees within both formal and informal landscapes.

Utilising the Ancient Tree Hunt Key Stage 3 resources, students and teachers alike can be inspired by ancient trees as a learning tool across the current curriculum.

Contact the education team at Kew and ask about Ancient Tree Hunt related learning activities that you can get involved in.

Tree Teasers

Tree Teasers is an online game designed by Kew Gardens and the Woodland Trust that tests your knowledge about trees. Answer 9 questions against the clock on different aspects of trees, from biodiversity to climate change to find out if you you are an Kew Expert or a Tree Chump

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