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EssexWorks is a programme which aims to make Essex the best place to live and work by 2012.

As part of this programme, council charge payers are asked annually to vote on which areas of work they would like ECC to focus their attention. From this process, the environment - and especially trees, came out as a priority and ECC members and officers worked together to make an environmental pledge to the community of Essex to meet the EssexWorks overall aim.

ECC planted over 400,000 trees and the Woodland Trust were a lead partner working with communities, schools and corporate groups to plant over 100,000 trees in 2009. The people of Essex are passionate about trees and the Ancient Tree Hunt gave local Essex people the opportunity to learn more about trees, how they assess them and record them on the Ancient Tree Hunt site. This helps with the identification of clusters of ancient trees to enable us to reconnect them with other woodlands and forest from which they may have become remote due to development over the years.

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