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NatureZones operates a wildlife education centre in conjunction with various organisations, including the Isle of Wight College and local environmental organisations, in training people in the stated objects including, woodland management, meadow management, pond management and wildlife study. It also provides work experience to college students and facilities for teachers involved in wildlife education courses.


  • To maintain a nature reserve for the education of people of all ages in the importance of creating, protecting and sustaining a bio-diverse range of habitats for wildlife.
  • To promote and offer guidance towards creating and sustaining areas of bio-diversity in rural, suburban and urban gardens.
  • To maintain and protect a designated SINC area (Site of Important Nature Conservation) representing a local natural history of the Isle of Wight.

For further information visit the website at or contact Angela Hewitt on 01983 296110 or

NatureZones - Isle of Wight.