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A record year for the Ancient Tree Hunt project

More trees than ever added to the Ancient Tree Hunt maps in 2012. The freely accessible database now has an online photo library of more than 70,000 images of ancient and special trees. Volunteers and partner organisations continue to be the backbone of the project, recording, verifying and monitoring ancient trees.

More than 22,000 trees recorded in 2012
An additional 22,248 trees were recorded in the year from October 2011. This has far exceeded expectations and represents a huge amount of dedicated work by our volunteers and organisational partners. Data continues to be supplied by individuals, groups and major organisations and we are on target for 140,000 records being displayed on the ATH map by the end of 2013. The National Trust continue to be our largest contributing partner*.

100,000th tree recorded on the ATH, Mar 2012
A flash-back to March 2012 when volunteer Verifiers recorded an ancient Juniper to be the 100,000th tree

92% verified
During 2012 volunteers verified (ie visited and/or confirmed details were correct) a further 14,000 records on the website. The total number of records verified by Woodland Trust verifiers has increased from 29% to 38%. With data verified by organisations there are now 92% of trees recorded on the ATH which have undergone a verification process. An additional 24 verifiers have been recruited in different parts of the country, providing a huge resource to ensure the data continues to be consistent.

National importance
The value and quality of data being recorded by volunteers continues to improve. 77% of ATH verified data is relevant for identifying important habitat sites under UK national JNCC (Joint Nature Conservation Committee) guidelines - an increase of 14% since the HLF project. Ancient and veteran trees and other trees greater than 4.71m in girth count for the JNCC classification of sites as important.

Two thirds of all records have images
Our magnificent volunteers were especially active reviewing and updating records in 2012. Almost 10,000 images have been added and 66% of all ancient trees now have an image. This has created an amazing and substantial photo library, which has grown by 16% in 2012 and now holds over 71,000 images. If you have recent (or any) images of trees you think are in the ATH database - please don't hesitate to upload them. Either search the interactive map to find your trees or use the database search if you have details such as the tree number, species or local name.

Recording trees

More visits to recorded trees
Visits to trees in the Ancient Tree Hunt database increased by more than 40% over the previous period - a huge increase in engagement by readers, enthusiasts and experts. The top three most visited trees were the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, the Crewkerne/Lucombe Oak in Somerset and the Bowthorpe Oak in Lincolnshire.

Don't forget you can add notes, comments and photos to any tree that is recorded or that you record in the ATH database.

Many thanks to all Ancient Tree Hunt volunteers!

*You can view trees located in National Trust properties by selecting the National Trust layer in the Interactive map

The Ancient Tree Hunt is a living database of ancient and special trees. It was launched in 2004 as a joint venture with the Tree Register of the British Isles and the Ancient Tree Forum, and led by The Woodland Trust.

- Data is used to support biodiversity planning
- The database helps tree protection initiatives
- We support programmes of seed collection from ancient trees.
- More than 110,000 hand-picked trees have so far been recorded in the UK.

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