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Ancient and other veteran trees - new book

Ancient and other veteran trees: further guidance on management, David Lonsdale (Editor). This new book is essential reading for all tree owners, advisers and practitioners. The 212-page handbook from the Ancient Tree Forum brings together the collective wisdom on the management of ancient and veteran trees for all involved in looking after ancient trees. The authors recognise that, alongside the appreciation of old trees, there are responsibilities for their continuity and protection.

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Ancient & other veteran trees - new guide for management
Cover image: Whittington Ash, ATH verifier Rob McBride

From "appreciation" to "responsibility", the journey in our understanding of how and why we must protect ancient trees.

Our knowledge of how to manage ancient and veteran trees has moved on substantially from the situation in 2000 when the book familiarly known as “The Handbook” – Veteran Trees: A guide to good management – was published. At that time we had a lot of enthusiasm but, in reality, not really a great deal of experience of the long-term impacts of looking after our ancient trees. We had realised that they were very special and often needed different treatment to younger trees but, as Ted Green would say, we were very early on in our journey.

David Lonsdale has taken on a considerable challenge in order to do this and the result has taken several years to achieve. The approach aims to be more targeted towards arborists than the 2000 guide but still remains an important reference for those from other disciplines. David has taken up the baton and the result is this new addition to our growing resources, aiding people with the responsibility of managing our heritage of ancient trees. I am sure that this book will become the next “must read” for tree owners, managers and advisers.

Endorsement from Dr Helen Read
Author of Veteran Trees: A guide to good management

Today we should recognise that the UK’s single greatest obligation to the conservation of European biodiversity, heritage and culture rests in this awareness and the care of our ancient and veteran trees. I dedicate this book to all who, like me, have loved trees and tried to share their passion with others. Let our adventure continue and remember that a friendship made under a tree lasts a lifetime.

From the Foreword by Ted Green, MBE,
Founder President of the Ancient Tree Forum

mapping the UK's ancient
& special trees

The Ancient Tree Hunt is a living database of ancient and special trees. More than 110,000 trees have been recorded by volunteers and partners.

Highlights from the Ancient Tree Hunt database

Noddy's Tree, Staffs
An old Staffordshire oak known as Noddy's Tree - anyone know why?

Identifying individual trees by giving them a name probably goes back as far as the spoken language. Naming ancient trees appears to have been popularised in Victorian times who often linked trees to historical events. Some rather tenuous links may be due to a name moving to another tree following the loss of the original - a continuity tree. There have already been some remarkable trees recorded in 2013 including this wonderful old pollarded oak - with a girth of 8.3m girth. Locally it is called “Noddy’s Tree” but ATH Verifier Andy Smith has been unable to find out why. If you know the origin of the name given to this Staffordshire Oak, please let us know!

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