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Make a British tree a European Tree of the Year

All three of the winning UK Tree of the Year trees – the Major Oak, Lady’s Tree and Lonely Tree, will need your support as they go forward to the European competition, which will be voted on throughout February 2015.

The Major Oak is one of the most famous ancient trees in the UK and can be visited in the heart of Sherwood Forest Country Park in Nottinghamshire. It has been made famous by Robin Hood; it one of the widest trees in Europe and another which is said to have inspired the theory of gravity. Plus it has its own website.

Lady's Tree is a 100-year-old Perthshire tree home to the world's oldest breeding osprey has been named Scottish Tree of the Year. The pine has hosted Lady the osprey for 24 years, and seen 71 eggs laid and 50 chicks hatched. The tree is at the Loch of the Lowes nature reserve near Dunkeld.

The Lonely Tree shot to national prominence at the start of this year and which netted fully a quarter of all the votes cast. Standing on top of Green Hall Hill just to the east of Llanfyllin, this majestic Scots Pine used to dominate the skyline, watching over the town for over 200 years. Local people would visit it to carve their initials, propose marriage or scatter ashes. But in February it was blown down in the gales. It is hoped however that the tree has enough intact roots to become a phoenix, continuing to live and grow but from a reclining position.