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More than five thousand sign petition to increase protection for ancients in Wales

After months of campaigning Coed Cadw (Woodland Trust in Wales) delivered a 5,320-strong petition calling for better protection for ancient trees in Wales to the Welsh Assembly at the end of November.

The petition asks the Welsh Assembly to use the newly agreed environmental body 'Natural Resources Wales' to address weaknesses in the Tree Preservation Order scheme. Read more about the proposals here.

An ancient beech at the Woodland Trust's Punchbowl wood, near Abergavenny

An ancient beech at the Woodland Trust's Punchbowl wood, near Abergavenny

The Welsh Government has taken the far-sighted decision to create a single new environmental body, ‘Natural Resources Wales’ and the Woodland Trust in Wales says it hopes that this will be able to make a difference to the protection of ancient trees. The Welsh Government also plans a Planning Bill and a Heritage Bill over the coming few years; these also offer an opportunity to improve the system and ensure that precious ancient trees are better looked after.

Read the full story from Coed Cadw here.

The Ancient Tree Hunt project

The Ancient Tree Hunt is a living database of ancient trees. It was launched in 2004 as a joint venture with the Tree Register of the British Isles and the Ancient Tree Forum, and led by The Woodland Trust.

  • Data is used to support biodiversity planning
  • The database helps tree protection initiatives
  • We support programmes of seed collection from ancient trees.
  • More than 110,000 hand-picked trees have so far been recorded in the UK.

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