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The Ancient Tree Hunt Goes to Town

In celebration of Urban Trees..

On Wednesday 19th May the Woodland Trust will launch its ANCIENT TREE HUNT GOES TO TOWN project for 2010, starting in London in the first of four urban tree recording events, which aim to highlight the wealth of ancient and veteran trees – and their associated wildlife - on city dwellers’ doorsteps, and to underline the importance of their protection. Find out more about The Special Wildlife of Trees.

To chime with this theme, the ATH Goes to London Town event will take place in International Year of Biodiversity 2010 Week.

Partner organisations joining the hunt are the Greater London Authority, Forestry Commission, Trees for Cities, the Tree Council, Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL).

Supported by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, the launch will take place in front of one of London’s most iconic trees – the London Plane.

If you would like to record a special tree like "Barney" (star of our Home Page), click here and follow the simple instructions on the ATH website.

If you'd rather send us the information about the tree you've found - use this form.

YOU can get involved in this exciting project.. We've found some fantastic examples of top trees in each of the London Boroughs - Take a Look If you visit any of them, please let us know by clicking on "I've visited this tree" on the tree's own Ancient Tree Hunt record and if you find any that you'd like to share, please record them!

Help us celebrate the ancient trees of London

Barney and Steve Photo: Ed Parker

Totteridge Yew 142

David Alderman pushing over a large tree in Hampstead: Photo by Ed Parker

Photo by Ed Parker