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Tree of the month – The Bayford Manor Oak

Just as Aljos Farjon’s book ‘Ancient Oaks of England’ goes to the publisher’s, another 9m oak has been recorded onto the ATI. Unsurprisingly it’s in the grounds of a mediaeval manor house in Bayford, Hertfordshire. It’s a real gem as it is also a pollard.

Aljos Farjon, a renowned world specialist on conifers, has been spending his retirement from Kew tracking down oaks over 9m, largely using the records on the Ancient Tree Inventory.

He drew a line under this piece of work this year at 115 trees. This number of amazing oaks compares with less than 100 equivalent oaks across the whole of the rest of Europe including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It gives England a huge responsibility to safeguard their future and to make sure other similar oaks can take over the size crown in the centuries to come.

Map showing Bayford Manor Oak