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Belfast Event: The Ancient Tree Hunt goes to town

Sunday 26th September

This September sees the forth instalment of the Ancient Tree Hunt's urban quest for the UK's oldest and most distinctive trees. With Similar events in London, Glasgow and Cardiff revealing a wealth of ancient trees on city dwellers' doorsteps, the Trust is now on the hunt for Belfast's most distinguished and notable trees.

Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park has been chosen as the venue for the Ancient Tree Hunt's Belfast celebration. Hosted by the Woodland Trust and Belfast City Council, nature lovers are invited to discover the Autumnal beauty of the Park and it's hidden veteran gems on Sunday 26th September, from 1 to 5pm.

Artist Alex Metcalf will offer visitors the exciting opportunity to listen to some internal goings-on; using headphones suspended from the branch of a tree, visitors will be able to hear the sound of the water moving up the tree from it's roots to it's leaves, just behind the bark.

Children will enjoy games, treasure hunts, and a whole range of crafts. With the help of professional artists, they’ll create creepy-crawlies using natural woodland materials, tree lanterns and tree masks - all free of charge.

And, having heard what the experts have to say, we hope you will be further inspired and driven to record any trees of interest you discover in Northern Ireland, during this event or at any other location. To do this, just click here and follow the simple ATH instructions. Or if you would prefer to send us the information about a tree you have found, you can download this form. The website is packed full with tips for tree hunters, including how to recognise an ancient tree, measure its Girth and how to identify different species.

You can also explore what trees already stand recorded in Northern Ireland by using our interactive map and if you visit any of them please let us know by clicking the "I have visited this tree" link on the right hand side of the page.

Everyone is welcome on 26th September; but children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Entrance to Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park is via Upper Malone Road. For further details telephone the Trust’s office on 028 9127 5787.