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Tree recording for Comic Relief - no joke in arctic conditions

When ATH volunteer Judy Dowling planned to go tree recording among the famous Cadzow oaks in South Lanarkshire she didn't know what she was letting herself in for.

Earlier Judy had decided to try to raise some money to help Comic Relief. "I just couldn't rest without attempting to raise funds to purchase mosquito nets for babies in Africa. So I asked friends and relatives to sponsor me for the number of trees I could do in the allotted 4 hours."

Volunteer Judy Dowling recording trees at Cadzow for Comic Relief
Volunteer Judy Dowling recording a tree at Cadzow in subzero temperature - and raising money for Comic Relief

Just to add to the fun, the temperature was dropping and there was a strong windchill that took it down to -5C, with strong winds not letting up. "It was the most awful weather you could imagine - I am amazed we didn't get frostbite!" says Judy who said she could hardly move by the end of her four hours recording trees.

Judy Dowling amid the beautiful trees at Cadzow
Judy Dowling red nose recording

Nevertheless after her efforts in freezing conditions - and a red nose from the cold Judy had gathered data on 55 trees, raising almost £400 for Comic Relief.

It clearly takes more than a bit of snow and arctic weather to put Judy off, "I will be back to Cadzow; I love those trees so much, they take my breath away," she said.

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A Sessile oak among the spread of Cadzow oaks
One of the beautiful Cadzow oaks in South Lanarkshire - see our main story. This one was photographed on a sunny day in 2009. It is a Sessile oak and has an estimated girth of 6m.

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