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Tree of the month: The Craigends Yew

This “sprawling monster of a tree” is thought to be one of the biggest and oldest yews in Scotland.

Craigends Yew

This is according to Donald Roger the author of Heritage Trees of Scotland – a book of the top 100 trees in the country. At the time of the book, the circumference of this yew was measured at 100 metres – a great size for a yew.

The Craigends Yew is recorded on the Ancient Tree Inventory as tree number 31486 and is a spectacular example of the way yews can layer to create an enormous ‘crown’.

Recently the local community council asked the Woodland Trust amongst others to suggest sources of funding to help them make it stand out as a local feature.

The Woodland Trust along with the Ancient Tree Forum has been calling for trees like this, VI Trees, to have statutory national status to help make sure that when community groups seek help with the care of their tree heritage the true value of the tree is properly recognised.