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Successful woodland heritage project

The Cree Valley Community Woodland Trust has achieved a huge amount over the two years the woodland project has been running. The Trust has successfully restored and enhanced woodland; made woodland sites more accessible to the public; surveyed biodiversity and archaeology; trained volunteers and inspired school children to visit woods.

The Ancient Tree Inventory has also played a part by training volunteers with the project to record veteran and ancient trees. So far almost 200 trees have been added to the Inventory and hopefully volunteers will be inspired to carry on recording.

A conference will be held on Wednesday 29th April in Newtown Stewart for volunteers, partners and everyone interested in woodlands. Along with a session on recording ancient trees, the conference will include presentations on the Importance of the Cree Valley for biodiversity, archaeology in the Cree Valley woodlands and woodland usage in history. There will also be a film show of the project by Cree Studio.

If you are interested in finding out more about the project or attending the conference contact the Cree Valley Community Woodland Trust through the website.

Glentrool Oakwoods, in the Galloway Forest National Park, is an important site for veteran trees and associated lichens.