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Volunteer Judy raises £500 while recording ancient trees

As part of the fund raising Red Nose Day in March, Ancient Tree Inventory Volunteer Verifier, Judy Dowling, set out to raise £500 for Comic Relief, by recording 75 notable, veteran or ancient trees in five hours.

Thankfully, the day remained dry and reasonably mild, otherwise the chances of success would have been greatly reduced. But driven on by initial pledges of £200 she pushed on hunting out special trees to record. By 5pm, an exhausted Judy, had recorded 82 trees, including oak, ash, beech and some rather more exotic trees. At Harlow Carr, the RHS Botanic Garden, even the lure of Betty’s Tea Shop didn’t hold her back as she climbed the woodland paths to discover and record this fine veteran beech.

Judy has recorded over 800 trees for the ATI and is helping support the Woodland Trust and new recorders at various recording events in Scotland during 2015. “Thankfully”, said an elated Judy, after her successful day, “I didn’t have to record them all wearing a red nose as I could hardly breathe!” Donations for Judy’s recording have now reached her target of £500, enough to immunise 100 babies in Africa from curable diseases. Comic Relief is a UK based charity whose mission statement is to drive positive change through the power of entertainment.