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Rendcomb sweet chestnut
New ancient tree hotspot
A beautifully burred sweet chestnut is one of almost 200 trees recently added to the inventory making Rendcomb Park a new ancient tree hotspot.
26 April 2017
The Gospel Oak
The Gospel Oak – management lessons from this old woody pulpit
Recent work carried out on the 6.12m tree in Worcestershire has shown that some lessons need to be learnt about how we manage our veteran trees.
18 November 2016
Tree recording day
Cairngorm Krummholz & more
A hardy bunch of 16 Woodland Trust staff and volunteers recently ventured to Inshriach & Invereshie National Nature Reserve in the Cairngorms for our second ancient tree group-recording day of the year in Scotland.
23 September 2016
Bowthorpe oak
How fast do oaks grow?
Research by Torston Moller is seeking to find a way of aging trees using the girth of trees. It is hoped that by analysing data from the Tree Register of the British Isles Torston may be able to find a way of estimating the age of oaks.
23 September 2016
Brecon Beacon oak 10m
10m tree found in the Brecon Beacons
It’s not every day you stumble across a previously unrecorded ancient oak with a girth of 10m, but this is exactly what happened to Bruce McDonald and his friend.
22 September 2016
Moccas Park WTPL.Katherine Jaiteh
The Ancient Tree Forum Summer Meeting
The Summer Meeting of the Ancient Tree Forum, at Kingston Maurwood, near Dorchester in Dorset, opened with a talk about the ATI by David Alderman, on Identifying ancient trees and the differences in growth across the UK.
21 July 2016
Bayford Manor Oak
Tree of the month – The Bayford Manor Oak
Just as Aljos Farjon’s book ‘Ancient Oaks of England’ goes to the publisher’s, another 9m oak has been recorded onto the ATI. Unsurprisingly it’s in the grounds of a mediaeval manor house in Bayford, Hertfordshire. It’s a real gem as it is also a pollard.
21 July 2016
Burghley House Field Maple
Tree of the month – Lord Burghley’s Field Maple
It has survived through the landscape changes by Capability Brown and further development of the park. Now this field maple at Burghley House is getting lots of extra care and attention.
21 June 2016
Hereford bypass route
Veteran trees and ancient woodland under threat
Ancient Tree Inventory lead verifier, Brian Jones, has been helping the Campaigns team in the fight to save some veteran trees.
21 June 2016
Birnam Oak
Tree of the month – Birnam Oak
The prophecy of the three witches of Macbeth came true when branches from Birnam Wood were used as camouflage to hide the advancing army. Could the Birnam Oak have been present when Shakespeare was inspired to write this story?
20 May 2016
Craigends Yew
Tree of the month: The Craigends Yew
This “sprawling monster of a tree” is thought to be one of the biggest and oldest yews in Scotland.
15 April 2016
Recording days
Ancient tree recording days
In 2016 the Woodland Trust Scotland has new ancient tree recording ambitions and we’d love you to be involved!
15 April 2016
Review of 2015
Annual review 2015
In 2015 the 150,000th tree was recorded with the ATI. Thanks to the hard work of the volunteer verifiers nationally important trees have been recorded and verified and world champion trees have been discovered.
15 April 2016
Scottish acorns
Scottish acorns go behind bars
Acorns collected from ancient oaks at Cadzow have been sent to prison. They will be tenderly nurtured and released back into the community in a few years when they have completed their sentence.
11 February 2016
Shinfield Lodge
Trees monitored after development
The Shinfield Lodge pollard oak was surrounded by development back around 2006, but because of the work of Wokingham District Veteran Tree Association and the efforts of LPA officer Andy Glencross, it has survived the experience.
11 February 2016
Monumental rowan
Tree of the month - a monumental rowan
Rowan trees thrive in difficult conditions and can be found in some extreme locations. Therefore it can be a risky business to get these trees recorded. Despite this a rowan of amazing proportions has recently been discovered in Herefordshire.
11 February 2016
Nine metre oak
The Discovery of Medieval Trees continues!
Whilst surveying for ancient trees in Herefordshire, volunteer Verifier Brian Jones discovered this remarkable burred oak pollard, on private land at Tregate Castle, close to the Welsh border.
11 December 2015
Owl in a nest box
Worldwide recognition for large trees
A leading researcher is calling for better recognition of the role of large trees in the world conservation. His latest study shows that their loss to hole nesting birds cannot be mitigated by putting nest boxes on smaller trees.
11 December 2015
Holly Tree
The holly and the ivy
The ancient Christmas folk tune has a special meaning for tree recorders looking out for pollard hollies and ancient ivy.
11 December 2015
Snowy Ancient Tree
Calling all snowy ancient trees
Winter may not seem the best time of year for capturing the beauty of an ancient or veteran tree, but snow and ice can provide a stunning backdrop. If you’re out this winter, why not send us a snap of your favourite tree in a snowy scene?
11 December 2015
Goodwood Training
Goodwood Estate to be added to the ATI
The Goodwood Estate, in partnership with the Woodland Trust, have undertaken a training session with volunteers to help the estate record its most important trees.
12 November 2015
The Cubbington Pear
Tree of the month and England’s Tree of the Year
England’s Tree of the Year has been chosen after a public vote. However the winner, The Cubbington Pear might soon be lost.
12 November 2015
Levens Hall Deer Park
New Tree Trail
Volunteer verifier Louise Hemsley, with the help of fellow Woodland Trust volunteer, Vanessa Champion, has produced this wonderful leaflet on the ancient and interesting trees to be found at Levens Hall Park in the South Lakes, Cumbria.
13 October 2015
The Major Oak
British Wildlife
So many beautiful trees have been added to the Ancient Tree Inventory since the first tree, the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest back in 2005. The latest issue of British Wildlife celebrates all that has been achieved since then.
13 October 2015
Hughenden manor horse chestnut
Tree of the month - the horse chestnut
Introduced to Britain in the early 1600s, the horse chestnut is generally considered to be relatively short-lived at up to 250 years, whilst often becoming a veteran by 150 years.
12 October 2015
Shotover Oak
The Lost Trees
The Ancient Tree Inventory also records trees when they have been felled, blown down, lost without known reason or simply disappeared from the landscape. Knowing the rate of loss and the reasons can be useful for conservation management and the protection of these special trees.
10 August 2015
Birnam Sycamore
Tree of the Month: The Birnam Sycamore
On the bank of the River Tay, not far from the more infamous Birnam Oak (from Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane fame) stands a magnificent sycamore.
10 August 2015
Cheshire Champion Oak
Tree of the month: Cheshire Champion Oak
Just when some of us were thinking “surely there are no more big oaks to discover?” Two come along at once!
10 July 2015
King John Oak
Legacy to landscape: linking King John’s Oak to the future
The 1st Epoch Ordnance Survey maps completed in the 19th century marks a tree in Shute Deer Park labelled as King John Oak. The oak is at the centre of a new landscape project to ensure its values are carried into the future.
10 July 2015
Donheads Ancient Tree Project launched
Donhead St Mary and Donhead St Andrew, two parishes near to Shaftesbury are working together to locate and record all of their ancient, veteran and notable trees onto the Ancient Tree Inventory with help from Cranborne Chase AONB.
10 July 2015
New Volunteer Verifiers
At the Woodland Trust Scotland HQ in Perth, three new volunteers, Joan, John and Stephen, have recently been trained as ATI Verifiers for Scotland.
5 June 2015
Ankerwycke Yew
The Ankerwycke Yew at Runnymede
One of our most iconic tress, the Ankewycke Yew has had a long history of being an ideal meeting place.
5 June 2015
Sandstone Ridge
Ancient Tree Day in Cheshire
In 2013 the Sandstone Ridge Trust ran a highly successful veteran tree training day in Tarporley, and on April 18th 2015, twenty eager volunteers met at Peckforton and Beeston Village Hall for a follow up day of identifying and recording ancient trees for the ATI.
12 May 2015
Fowey Valley
Fowey Valley Ancient Treescape
Analysis of recordings made by the Great Trees of Cornwall project have shown that this area is one of the top in the UK for its collection of special trees.
12 May 2015
Pollok park
Pollok Park is a Top Ancient Tree Site
Pollok House was built in 1752, by the Maxwell family, who had lived on the Estate since the 13th century; it was gifted to Glasgow City Council in 1966. The Park is part of the Old Pollok estate, and now includes the site of the famous Burrel Art Collection.
12 May 2015
Judy Dowling
Volunteer Judy raises £500 while recording ancient trees
As part of the fund raising Red Nose Day in March, Ancient Tree Inventory Volunteer Verifier, Judy Dowling, set out to raise £500 for Comic Relief, by recording 75 notable, veteran or ancient trees in five hours.
10 April 2015
Hunting Gate Oak
Tree of the month: The Hunting Gate Oak
Volunteer Alan Hunton headed to Moss Carrs Farm, York Road, Bickerton, to verify an oak, recorded on the ATI website by the landowner. Alan was warmly met by farmer Bernard Atkinson, who gave permission to visit the tree and shared some valuable information with Alan.
10 April 2015
King John Oaks
Propagating oaks that met King John
800 years ago King John liked to call meetings at important trees; these were ‘parleys’ – the precursor to parliaments. The most famous tree, the Parliament Oak in Sherwood Forest is testament to this. Now this tree along with the King John Oak which stands in Woodend Park, Shute in Devon will be propagated to save their very special genes.
10 April 2015
Recording at Cree Valley
Successful woodland heritage project
The Cree Valley Community Woodland Trust has achieved a huge amount over the two years the woodland project has been running. The Trust has successfully restored and enhanced woodland; made woodland sites more accessible to the public; surveyed biodiversity and archaeology; trained volunteers and inspired school children to visit woods.
9 March 2015
Large leaved lime
Downton reveals national treasures
Two trees of national importance have been discovered at Downton Castle, a private estate in Herefordshire. The ancient broad leaved limes are so rare, similar trees have only been found in one other estate.
9 March 2015
National Trust Sheringham Estate
Thank you National Trust
The National Trust now has more than 20,000 trees on the ATI making them the largest contributing organisation and the landowner with the largest number of veteran trees on the ATI.
4 February 2015
Annual review 2014
Annual review 2014
At the end of the year a total of 141,935 trees had been recorded on the ATI. Of these, 94% or 133,046 trees, had been verified. 88% of trees recorded in 2014 have already been verified by volunteers.
3 February 2015
Major oak 178 134
Make a British tree a European Tree of the Year
All three of the winning UK Tree of the Year trees – the Major Oak, Lady’s Tree and Lonely Tree, will need your support as they go forward to the European competition, which will be voted on throughout February 2015.
19 December 2014
178 Hotspot
Ancient Tree Hotspot Events 2015
In September 2013 we analysed all the tree data on the Ancient Tree Inventory to identify clusters of special trees where they were growing close together. In 2015 we want to visit some of these special treescapes to meet potential stakeholders and find out who will work with us to help secure their future. Would you like to join us at one of these events?
18 December 2014
178 peter lyons
Volunteer of the Year Awards 2014
Peter Lyons, ancient tree volunteer verifier from Bangor in Northern Ireland, received the Woodland Trust Volunteer of the Year award for 2014. The Bluebell Award for helping to protect ancient woodland and trees went to Judy Dowling, Lead Verifier for Scotland. Visit one of Judy’s favourite trees the Kissing Beech at Kilravock
18 December 2014
Please become a volunteer verifier
Volunteer Verifiers carry out the very important role of checking recorded trees on the Ancient Tree Inventory. With the ATI data now being used by many other organisations, there is a growing need to ensure the data is as robust as possible.We need new verifiers so please contact us for more information.
5 December 2014
ludlow food court 3
England: Government planning guidance
This advice relates to any planning application that could affect protected species, ancient woodland and aged or veteran trees present at a site in England.
4 December 2014
VI Trees story
VI Trees
Country Living magazine, with support from the Woodland Trust, is calling for a national tree register to classify, celebrate and protect the UK’s Very Important Trees (V.I.Trees).
4 December 2014
ATI newsletter - February 2014
Ancient Tree Inventory news - February 2014
In this issue: Floods and Gales, Tree of the month, Recent records, ATI Event at the Cadzow Oaks, House of Binns
15 May 2014
ATH Newsletter - January 2014
Ancient Tree Inventory news - January 2014
In this issue: New Nidderdale data, Tree of the month, Cadzow ravine, ATF Event, Ancient Bean
14 May 2014
Newsletter - October/November 2013
ATH Newsletter October - November 2013
Inside this issue: 1000th Scots Pine, Analysis Data, Wadebridge Wonder, Record Verifiers, Ageing Hornbeam, Wye Valley Walk, New books
14 May 2014
ATH Newsletter September 2013
ATH Newsletter September 2013
Inside this issue: Tree of the Month, Record Summer, Fungus found, Northern Ireland, Coastal curiosities, Hungarian Hulk, Tree Forum event
13 May 2014
veteran wild service
Searching for and recording wild service trees
Jon Gurr for the last three years has been interested in searching for and recording the wild service tree (Sorbus torminalis).
13 May 2014
Aberdeen Hospital, Genetics Department installs ancient tree images in their waiting room
Aberdeen Hospital - ancient tree images
Aberdeen Hospital, Genetics Department installs ancient tree images in their waiting room.
13 May 2014
Young carer Laura, aged 9, with the walnut tree interpretation board
Veteran walnut tree inspires young carers
A brand new interpretation board for a veteran walnut tree designed by young carers has been unveiled in Lydiard Park near Swindon. The tree has been at the centre of a project that helps young carers through outdoor and nature activities in the city.
16 April 2013
Oak distribution data report
Ancient & veteran oak distribution in the UK - data report
The oak is the quintessential tree of the British Isles and our latest data report gives a good indication of the spread of our ancient and veteran, as well as other notable oaks across the country.
3 April 2013
Judy Dowling recording for Comic Relief at Cadzow
Tree recording for Comic Relief - no joke in arctic conditions
When ATH volunteer Judy Dowling planned to go tree recording among the famous Cadzow oaks in South Lanarkshire she didn't know what she was letting herself in for.
3 April 2013
Ancient Tree Hunt events
ATH events in 2013
If you're interested in ancient trees, finding and recording them, join the ATH at one of its regular events. For booking and additional information please contact Clair McFarlan,
26 March 2013
Pennant Melangell ancient yew
Caring for God's trees
How action to protect an ancient churchyard yew in Pennant Melangell could be a useful test case in the campaign to get the Welsh government to provide for the protection of ancient and special trees
25 March 2013
ATH newsletter 16, Feb 2013
ATH Newsletter #16, Feb 2013
The monthly ATH newsletter provides the latest news for verifiers, recorders and partner organisations. Read what the Ancient Tree Hunt has been up to over the last few weeks.
18 March 2013
Ancient tree hotspots, UK
Important areas of Trees of Special Interest - data report
This data map shows hotspot areas of ancient and veteran tree density across the UK, using Ancient Tree Hunt data. This data was analysed in August 2011 using the Joint Nature Conservation Committee protocol for assessing veteran tree sites. At this time there were 100,000 trees in the database.
18 March 2013
Ancient & other veteran trees book
Ancient and other veteran trees - new book
Ancient and other veteran trees: further guidance on management, David Lonsdale (Editor).

This new book is essential reading for all tree owners, advisers and practitioners. The 212-page handbook from the Ancient Tree Forum brings together the collective wisdom on the management of ancient and veteran trees for all involved in looking after ancient trees. The authors recognise that, alongside the appreciation of old trees, there are responsibilities for their continuity and protection.
12 March 2013
Viewing National Trust trees on the ATH databsae
The National Trust - Ancient Tree Hunt data partner
The National Trust probably owns the greatest number of ancient and veteran trees in the UK. Since the ATH and National Trust began working together, data on more than 11,000 trees have been uploaded to the Ancient Tree Hunt database, with a further 8,000 waiting to be added in the near future. Thanks to cooperation with the National Trust, the ATH is able to show the concentrations of ancient and veteran trees at NT properties.
6 March 2013
Trees, Forested landscapes and Grazing Animals
New book: Trees, Forested Landscapes and Grazing Animals
New book edited by Professor Ian Rotherham

with chapters by Ted Green on ancient trees, and on re-wilding trees for ancients of the future by Jill Butler and Keith Alexander.
5 March 2013
Old hawthorn from WDVTA - now lost
Six thousand trees and counting
Volunteers in Wokingham started surveying veteran trees six years ago and now the group has gained more than 200 members and has many thousands of tree records under its belt
26 February 2013
Essex ancient tree hotspots, Aug 2012
Essex ancient tree hotspots - data report
The county of Essex is home to some crucial historic forest landscapes around Epping and Hainault. Use the map to find the gaps on the Ancient Tree Hunt database that you could fill...
19 February 2013
Tim Kellett, ATH lead verifier in the South West inspects an ancient ash
"I want to find a 10m tree in Cornwall, my colleagues don't hold out much hope!"
Tim Kellett is the Ancient Tree Hunt's lead verifier in the South West. Here he describes how he got involved in tree recording and some of his favourite finds:
19 February 2013
Lichen decline can be stemmed by tree regeneration
Tree regeneration can stem lichen decline
Recent research from Sweden published in the Journal of Applied Ecology suggests that regeneration of trees in ancient tree hotspots can stem decline of important lichens and other epiphytes.
12 February 2013
Rob McBride meets Owen Paterson, MP
When the Tree hunter met the tree minister
ATH verifier from Shropshire Rob McBride met his local MP, Owen Paterson, who just happens to be the Secretary of State for the Environment. He showed him maps of ancient oaks near his constituency home, as well proposing that the MP could go down in history as the minister who gave ancient trees the protection they need. Rob's account of what they discussed is a great example of ancient tree campaigning...
5 February 2013
Yew distribution map, Jan 2013
Ancient & veteran yew distribution in the UK - data report
An Ancient Tree Hunt data distribution map showing locations of ancient and veteran Yew in the UK at 8 January 2013.
28 January 2013
Scone Palace, Douglas Fir, 2012. Photo: Clair McFarlan
Woodland Trust Scotland events 2013
Training and talks on ancient trees and recording from the Woodland Trust Scotland. Sponsored by the players of the People's Postcode Lottery.
28 January 2013
Forest of Neroche
Hunting returns to medieval Neroche Forest
Ancient Tree Hunt's Jill Butler joins recorders and ancient tree experts in the Forest of Neroche for a day's tree hunting in Piddle Wood.
22 January 2013
High Weald ancient tree hotspots
High Weald ancient tree hotspots - data report
A map of ancient & veteran tree hotspots in the landscape of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Beauty - in Kent and Sussex. Produced from the Ancient Tree Hunt database.
15 January 2013
Ash distribution UK
Ancient & veteran Ash distribution in the UK
This Ancient Tree Hunt database map shows the distribution of Ash trees in the UK by ancient/veteran/notable and verified/unverified status. The data will be particularly important in helping recorders and other observers maintain regular checks on the Ash population over coming years as we monitor Ash Dieback. It also provides important information on where the project needs to add more data.
15 January 2013
Why are our old trees disappearing?
Shocking declines in large old trees worldwide
Populations of large old trees are rapidly declining in many parts of the world, with serious implications for ecosystem integrity and biodiversity. New research published in Science magazine
7 January 2013
ATH volunteers record the 100,000th tree for the database, March 2012
A record year for the Ancient Tree Hunt project
More trees than ever added to the Ancient Tree Hunt maps in 2012. The freely accessible database now has an online photo library of more than 70,000 images of ancient and special trees. Volunteers and partner organisations continue to be the backbone of the project, recording, verifying and monitoring ancient trees.
7 January 2013
Hedgrow protest, Shropshire
Campaigners in Shropshire rally to protect threatened hedgerows
More than 200 objections have been recorded by local planners to an application to remove seven miles of hedgerow on a farm in Chirbury, near Shrewsbury in Shropshire.
7 January 2013
Ancient ash at Overton on Dee, with Jill Butler & Ted Green
Rizzio's Sweet Chestnut
Link to Ancient Tree Hunt Goes to Town
The Ancient Tree Hunt Goes to Town
In celebration of Urban Trees..
20 April 2010
Link to Information on the Ancient Tree Hunt Cherry Bloomsday Project
Ancient Tree Hunt Cherry Bloomsday Project
We need your help to find our oldest and finest Cherry Trees..
19 March 2010
Link to Introducing Edward Parker - Project Manager for the Ancient Tree Hunt
Introducing Edward Parker - Project Manager for the Ancient Tree Hunt
The Ancient Tree Hunt Team are delighted to welcome Edward Parker as their new Project Manager
8 December 2009
Ancient Tree Hunt
Ancient Tree Hunt
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13 June 2007
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Ancient tree events
What's happening, where, why and when - find out about Ancient Tree events here.
1 February 2007
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All the latest news from the Ancient Tree Hunt.
1 February 2007
Thank you National Trust
Thank you National Trust
12 January 2007
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wild service
12 January 2007