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National Trust joins the hunt

A pledge of 40,000 National Trust trees to be recorded by 2011

It is thought that the National Trust cares for more ancient trees than any other individual owner and this is why Brian Muelaner, Ancient Tree Adviser, has pledged to add 40,000 tree records to the Ancient Tree Hunt database by 2011.

A large proportion of their woodlands are manage as ancient sites. Some are likely to have links right back to the wildwood that colonised the UK following the retreat of the last ice age some 12,000 years ago. Many of their sites have amazing and humblingly huge trees that epitomise what we mean by 'ancient' - the trees with a real 'wow' factor.

From the world famous Tolpuddle Martyrs' Tree at Tolpuddle in Dorset which marks the site of the landmark first trade union meeting in 1834 to the romantic Clumber Lime Avenue in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, which is the longest of its kind in Europe at 2 miles.

Nikki Williams, Ancient Tree Hunt Project Manager said: 'All of these are essential additions to the Ancient Tree Hunt if we are to have a true reflection of the UK's portfolio of ancient, veteran and notable trees. The project is very pleased that the National Trust is offering such support to help us add them to our data base.'

See our President, Clive Anderson's comments in The Guardian

Ankerwycke Yew, National Trust. Photo: WTPL