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Woodland Trust staff plant their acorns!

See what happened when we asked the Woodland Trust staff to plant an acorn...

As the Ancient Tree Hunt is currently promoting 'Acorns to Ancients' it seemed too good an opportunity to miss to get the Woodland Trust staff involved and planting their own acorns. So on a wet and windy Tuesday at the end of September we erected a gazebo in the staff car park, planted a yoghurt pot on every single desk and invited the staff to come down and plant an acorn.

With the wind threatening to blow the whole setup away - Mary Poppins style - the omens did not look promising. But with a bit of gentle persuasion (and the sensible idea of moving the whole lot inside in the dry) we managed to get not far off 100 staff members to come down and plant an acorn. So follow our lead and collect your seeds! Plant them and add a blog to the record of your parent tree.

The trees we have collected from are numbers: 142, 2882, 11943, 12298, 12299 and 13000.

And to see some of the photos taken on the day take a look at our Flickr page.

Woodland Trust staff plant their acorns. Photo ATH/Chris Marsh.