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ATF 10th Anniversary Event

Find out what happens when you bring together 100 tree enthusiasts in one park...

Saturday October 18th saw the Ancient Tree Forum mark their 10th anniversary with an event at Windsor Great Park. As luck would have it the weather was set fair for the day, which saw over 100 Forumers from all corners of the UK descending on the famous site to walk, talk and discuss their shared passion for trees.

And who better to sum up the event than the ATF Chairman Neville Fay:

"Saturday was a truly wonderful day. In some ways, the 10th anniversary felt pretty unique to have the opportunity to be with so many kindred spirits, enjoy all the things we like doing together, talking, learning, being with old trees, cows and fungi in good company, eating and even a little drinking together. In others it felt quite normal, a natural extension of all the great things we do together, not the least celebrating Ted’s 70th, having field meetings and travelling together.

Typical of the ATF, an impression of spontaneity disguised all the effort behind the organisation; big thanks I know are due to Ted, Jill and Bill for making it all seem effortlessly, low key, interesting and fun. The idea that anyone can make a brief presentation (I know, some weren’t quite so brief!) and share their passion and experience with others, is wonderful and what the range of knowledge we have together. It affirmed how it all works."

Enthusiasts discuss the ATF at Windsor Park. Photo ATH/Jill Butler.