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ATH Winter Knitters

Get knitting with the Ancient Tree Hunt this winter with your very own designer scarf and mittens!

To mark the launch of the upcoming Winter Tree Hunting season we are proud to present this winter’s most ingenious woolly accessory. It’s a free designer knitting pattern for a scarf that doubles up as an ancient tree measuring device. The Winter Warmer Ancient Tree Hunting scarf measures exactly 1.5 metres in length, the same size as a British Standard Hug. This measurement is officially recognised by the Ancient Tree Hunt team as an easy way to measure the girth of trees, because a fat girth is one of several indicators of age.

So to all knitters out there - this is a plea to get knitting your very own designer scarf or gloves - and use them to get out this winter to hug (and record!) ancient trees! The links below will take you to a simple guide on how to knit yourself a scarf or gloves. The stripy scarf is for the novices amongst you and the leafy scarf is for the more advanced knitters!

Stripy Scarf

Leaf Scarf


We have also set up our very own winter knitters Flickr group for you to join and upload your photos!

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Get hugging with your own designer scarves! Photo ATH/Chris Marsh.