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Tree hunting with BBC Countryfile

Find out what happened when ATH verifier Rob McBride met up with the BBC Countryfile team...

Our very own self-proclaimed 'Treehunter' Rob McBride is continuing his trek along the 192 miles of Offa's Dyke and last Friday he had the pleasure of BBC Countryfile's company!

They filmed a piece with Rob describing his travails as he covers the path along the Dyke and did a bit of impromptu tree hunting and hugging too! This included the discovery of a slanty hillside rowan, nearly two metres in girth, which is at the very least a veteran tree.

To find out more about what happened read Rob's diary of the day and have a look at the photos on his Flickr page.

Our own Rob McBride out with the BBC on Offa's Dyke. Photo ATH/Rob McBride.