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Meet the Woodland Trust Volunteer of the Year!

Congratulations to our very own Irena Lobban - the Woodland trust volunteer of the year!

Our very own Irena Krasinska-Lobban, Ancient Tree Hunt verifier for Perth and Kinross has been voted as the Woodland Trust's volunteer of the year!

Irena, who is also a Tree Warden, is one of the hunt's 100 or so verifiers across the UK and was nominated by senior verifier Katherine Owen for her sterling work during her time with the project. Irena has verified nearly 100 tree records on the database, not to mention doing presentations and making special visits to members of the public who have requested a personal visit to verify a tree.

She is one of 13 individual winners, but is the only one to receive the Kenneth Watkins memorial medal for volunteer of the year.

See Irena in action and see more about the volunteer of the year award.

Irena's favourite tree, the Neil Gow oak. Photo ATH/Irena Lobban.