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Ancient & veteran oak distribution in the UK - data report

The oak is the quintessential tree of the British Isles and our latest data report gives a good indication of the spread of our ancient and veteran, as well as other notable oaks across the country.

A very high proportion of Ancient Tree Hunt recorded data are oak trees and the map indicates those strong concentrations in those parts of the country we would expect, the woodland and hill areas around central and southern England, and England-Wales border hill country. The map also represents the incredible recording commitment of various groups so some of the data concentration is also a manifestation of these groups' and partner organisations' activities. If your oaks aren't showing up - get recording!"

Ancient oak distribution in the UK, ATH data report

mapping the UK's ancient
& special trees

The Ancient Tree Hunt is a living database of ancient and special trees. More than 110,000 trees have been recorded by volunteers and partners.

Highlights from the Ancient Tree Hunt database

A Sessile oak among the spread of Cadzow oaks
One of the beautiful Cadzow oaks in South Lanarkshire - see our main story. This one was photographed on a sunny day in 2009. It is a Sessile oak and has an estimated girth of 6m.

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