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Calling all snowy ancient trees

Winter may not seem the best time of year for capturing the beauty of an ancient or veteran tree, but snow and ice can provide a stunning backdrop. If you’re out this winter, why not send us a snap of your favourite tree in a snowy scene?

Taking photos in the winter is no easy feat, the cold winds or pouring rain is enough to put off anyone. There are however crisp fine days where the beauty of a winter frost can glint under a clear blue sky.

A snow clad landscape is a beautiful sight. Behind a great ancient or veteran tree snow can simplify the landscape, enhancing those branches and bringing out the deep browns of the bark.

The low winter sun can be a nuisance, but as it stays low throughout the day there is more opportunity to use the direct sunlight. That sunlight can pick up a glint in the ice or the hollows of veteran trees.

Beware of your footprints; a field of untouched snow can easily be tainted while you’re finding the perfect vantage point.

There is plenty of beauty to be seen in the winter, but it’s important you stay safe. If you venture out into the cold it’s essential you check the weather before you go and make sure you’re dressed for the weather you’re facing.

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