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New Volunteer Verifiers

At the Woodland Trust Scotland HQ in Perth, three new volunteers, Joan, John and Stephen, have recently been trained as ATI Verifiers for Scotland.

It provided the opportunity for some hands on verifying on the website with other Verifiers helping and giving advice. Several trees had already been recorded in the adjacent South Inch Park, specifically for the training and together they inspected these trees, some of which had been given deliberate mistakes by the recorder!

One rarity for Scotland was a very fine Hornbeam, which turned out to be part of an early avenue of trees that is no longer visible on the ground. Several big Sycamore amongst some younger lime, could also be pinpointed to the earlier landscape when viewed using the Old Maps overlay, back in the office. This experience helped in understanding the differences between ancient and veteran trees and build confidence for the new recruits.

The volunteers had previously met and been inspired at ATI recording events. A few weeks before they had joined thirty enthusiastic tree recorders to help record the trees at Callendar Park, Falkirk. Jillian Donnachie, Communications & Development Manager for Woodland Trust Scotland, who organised the day said; “our 5 groups managed to record 178 trees – most of which were notable, some veteran and in the case of Judy’s group, between 4 and 7 were ancient too!” The data and images will soon be appearing on the ATI.

Scotland is building up a great team of volunteers with expert support from Clair McFarlan, Senior Verifier and Judy Dowling, the Regional Lead Verifier. New recording sites are currently being investigated and a programme of recording days for anyone interested will be announced soon! If you want to get involved in recording or verifying in Scotland you can contact Jill Donnachie at