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Please become a volunteer verifier

Volunteer Verifiers carry out the very important role of checking recorded trees on the Ancient Tree Inventory. With the ATI data now being used by many other organisations, there is a growing need to ensure the data is as robust as possible.We need new verifiers so please contact us for more information.

Volunteer Verifiers also are top recorders of trees on the Ancient Tree Inventory.  Many have been volunteering since the days of the Ancient Tree Hunt project and have become knowledgeable experts on ancient trees in the UK. Some began volunteering with very little knowledge on identifying and recording ancient trees but with support, training and ongoing experience, inspired by the trees, have rapidly gained confidence and enjoy the opportunities it brings.  With the value of the ATI data growing all the time, there is a growing need to ensure the data is not only robust but also a more definitive record of Very Important Trees (VIT’s) in the UK.

We are actively looking for more volunteers to help take the ATI and the legacy of the Ancient Tree Hunt, to a new level. We are looking for volunteers to support existing Verifiers and to help record in areas populated with known ancient and veteran trees but where they are none currently showing on the interactive map. We are especially keen to hear from active recorders on the website and partner organisations, who are using their own volunteers, to find people to help us verify the data. In areas where extra help is required, we will contact local groups or organise specific recording days, as has been so successful throughout Scotland in 2014.

New volunteers will be given support from the Ancient Tree Inventory team and our experienced Regional Lead Verifiers. Online training will be provided on a one to one basis, either at a suitable local venue or over the phone. Where there is an area with a larger number of volunteers requiring training a more formal training day may be organised.

The Ancient Tree Inventory is the most important online record of our ancient tree population. It will soon have 150,000 records and now, more than ever, we need volunteer support. We would like to make contact with any potential volunteer who may wish to take on a more active role with the ATI, so if you notice an enthusiastic recorder in your area, or know of a group recording trees, please let us know.