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Ancient Tree Champions

The ancient tree man

Ted Green ‘the ancient tree man’ is passionate about ancient trees. He’s a pioneer of the theory that ancient trees were once ‘working trees’, serving man over many centuries.

He travels across the UK and internationally, giving talks, television and radio interviews, which challenge the view that ancient trees are useless relics of the past, not worth caring about, and promoting the more enlightened view that they should be regarded as historic living monuments.

A founding member of the Ancient Tree Forum, Ted has also recently become an Ancient Tree Guardian, leading the way once again.

Do take the opportunity to hear him speak if you can.

‘The UK’s ancient trees are the remnants of Europe’s rainforests. It’s incredible to think that an oak tree of 1000 years links back just seven or eight generations
to the last Ice Age’.

Ted Green, founder member of the
Ancient Tree Forum

The ancient tree lady

Jill Butler first joined the Woodland Trust in 1995 as a Woodland Officer but became ever more interested in woods that are the nearest to those uninterfered with by man – our old growth woodlands. Her ‘hero’ is William the Conqueror who through his Forest Law in the 11th century has given us an inheritance of some of the most important ancient tree sites in the world – places such as Windsor Great Park, Sherwood Forest and the New Forest.

Jill now campaigns for ancient trees on behalf of the partnership between The Woodland Trust and the Ancient Tree Forum. Read their joint campaign document – Ancient trees in the UK: Securing their Future

Ted Green Photo:WTPL
The ancient tree man
Ted Green

Jill Butler. Photo: WTPL
The ancient tree lady
Jill Butler