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Find out how you can get inolved in the Ancient Tree Hunt from the Woodland Trust

this give you an idea of all the wayts to get involved

How can I get involved in the Ancient Tree Hunt?

  • Take part in the Ancient Tree Hunt by finding, measuring and recording ancient trees – you can either spot them while you are out and about, or perhaps you already know about one in your local community, or even have one in your garden
  • Upload your pictures and stories about ancient trees. Or simply tell us when you have visited an ancient tree
  • Become an Ancient Tree Guardian to help us unlock matched funding from The Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Use the map to discover ancient trees near you
  • Tell your family, friends, local school, work place, in fact, EVERYONE about the Ancient Tree Hunt and encourage them to become involved too. When you record a tree you can send the details on to a friend

For more information, please contact:
Ancient Tree Hunt Project Officer

Measuring a tree in Dalkeith. Photo: Jon Parsons