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How to take part

Here is your step by step guide if you want to take part in the Ancient Tree Hunt

Have you already found an ancient tree?

1. First you will need to register your details with the Ancient Tree Hunt.

You need to register so that we know how to contact you if we have a query with your record. Your email details will be protected and will not be disclosed to anyone outside the administration of the system.

2. Once your registration has been accepted, you can record your ancient tree

Go to the recording section and either click on record a tree or record more than one tree and complete the online instructions. It’s as simple as clicking on the map!

You can also upload pictures online to go with your relevant ancient tree record.

Want to go out and hunt for a tree?

1. First download a copy of the ancient tree recording form

2. Now you need to find an ancient tree or a group of ancient trees.
NB Never go onto private land without the landowner’s permission.

You can use our map to find hotspots where we know there are trees to be recorded. Guidance on how to find ancient trees, recognising ancient trees, and identifying different trees species is provided.

3. Once you’ve found your ancient tree, fill in the survey form in the field and then bring it back to a computer near you*.

4. Now follow the instructions given at the top of this page for recording an ancient tree (You’ll need to register - see above - before you can record your tree online.)

* UK online centres offer free or low cost access to email and the internet. To find your nearest centre call free on 0800 77 1234

5. Your tree will appear on our map as soon as you have entered it. At the same time it will be sent to one of the volunteer verifiers for checking.

  • BEFORE it is verified your tree will appear on the map as a light green tree with a darker green background.
  • AFTER it has been verified* your tree will either appear:
    • As a white tree with a green background if it has public access
    • As a white tree with a red background if it does not have public access
  • Trees which have been verified, will also indicate whether they are notable, veteran or ancient at this stage.

*Verified trees that are edited after verification, will revert to being light green on a darker green background until reverified.

We need to check entries to ensure that the tree is one that is appropriate for our hunt and that there are no duplicate entries in the database.

Photos, stories and blogs will not appear until they have been verified. This may take up to two weeks.

It may be that your ancient tree has already been recorded by another participant. If this is the case, you can still participate by adding an ‘I’ve visited this tree’ entry to that particular tree.

Jill Butler ponders how to record a tree. Photo:Ted Green
You can hunt alone

Discovering a large tree. Photo: Jill Butler
You can hunt with friends and family

Measuring by hugs. Photo: Jill Butler
You can measure using hugs

Measuring a tree. Photo: Jon Parsons
Or you can use your tape measure