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Clusters of fat old trees

Do you know of clusters of fat, old trees that need recording?

What's in your neighbourhood?

Do you have a darkened area of your community, heavily shaded because clustered together are lots of old, fat trees? Do you want to make sure that they are recorded and documented on the Ancient Tree Hunt, but just don't have the time to do each individual one? Do you know they deserve to been seen in a better light - as the hubbub of biodiversity for bats, bugs and other beasts?

Do not despair. We understand that tree hunting can take time and is often not appropriate because clusters of trees are on private land and it is only correct not to trespass! Therefore we have a recording form just for you.

You can let the Ancient Tree Hunt know about groups of trees by downloading the Recording Clusters form and returning it back to the Project Assistant (details in the form)

Don't be intimidated by groups of loitering fat, old trees in your neighbourhood and the time it will take to record them - let the Ancient Tree Hunt team know through our simple clusters recording form and we'll get them recognised so they can have new light shed on their value to our landscapes.

Down Oak. Photo ATH/Kath Owen