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Tree Blogs

What is a tree blog? Find out how you can use a blog to add detail to a tree record

What is a 'tree blog'?

A tree blog is basically a comments box. A place on each tree record where you can add information about the history and importance of the tree.

Maybe the tree is a place with great historical importance in your neighbourhood? Perhaps there are birds, bugs or bats nesting in it? Or maybe its simply your favourite picnic place - whatever the comment - share it with everyone through the 'tree blog'.

You can find the tree blog in the right hand box, half way down the record for each individual tree. Once you have recorded your comment our verifiers will make your blog 'live' in three to four weeks.

You can add as many comments to the blog as you like. Team your comments with photo's and your tree's history really starts to come to life.

Also, the great thing about a tree blog is that if your tree is already 'discovered' you can still add more to its record, which helps to secure its historical importance.

Go on - have a go at a blog!