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Ancient tree

Pedunculate Oak at SO2990049700

Robert McBride
03/07/2014 09:50
1 January 1999
Pedunculate Oak
9m 25cm
1m 50cm

Great Oak, Eardisley Oak

Public - partial access (e.g. next to footpath or road)
  • Public or open space
  • Roadside
  • Village green
Ancient tree
Tree Register of the British Isles
  • Ivy
  • Decaying wood in the crown
  • Holes or water pockets
  • Hollowing branches
  • Hollowing trunk

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Tree Blog

Visit on the 13th november 2010. Today I visited with a friend on dusk and used the car headlights to light up the tree. It looked amazing! The only tree in Herefordshire I know with its own brown sign, 'The Great Oak'. Walking around the tree I discovered a black pig walking up the road. Curious to find out who he was, I knocked on the door of the house which looks on the tree everyday. The lady said, "thats Mr Pig, he has been around here for years and lives just down the road. He is out a bit late tonight, usually in by now. He takes himself off looks for things to feed on and at the moment its acorns and apples. He was feeding on the acorns from the Great Oak! Wouldn't it be amusing if someone came to visit the tree and found Mr Pig inside. You can fit at least 5 people in the hollow trunk of the tree! An amazing tree to discover if you are in the area! Do you know of another one like this near you?
Posted on {0:15 November 2010}