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Ancient tree

Pedunculate Oak at SJ26463768

Robert McBride
19/04/2013 00:04
Robert McBride
1 January 1999
Wrecsam - Wrexham
Pedunculate Oak  
9m 63cm  
1m 50cm  

The Oak at the Gate of the Dead

Private - visible from public access (permission not required to view)  
  • Roadside
  • Woodland
Ancient tree
Chirk Castle
Tree Register of the British Isles
  • Beafsteak fungus (Fistulina hepatica)
  • Moss
  • Decaying wood in the crown
  • Decaying wood on the ground
  • Holes or water pockets
  • Hollowing branches
  • Hollowing trunk

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Tree Blog

OFFAS DYKE ANCIENT TREE HUNT - THE OAK AT THE ‘GATE OF THE DEAD’. Friday 9th November 2007. Just visited this fantastic tree again as part of my inro. to doing the first ever complete bottom to top Ancient Tree survey of Offas Dyke. I met Mrs.Heather Jenkins again and she very kindly agreed to come and tell the story of the battle in front of this tree. She looks brilliant with her 'welsh black' long hair and her accent is really good for story telling. I have filmed it and put it on Youtube late last night. While I was knocking at Heathers door two young lads came whizzing down the hill. They were either friends or relations of Heathers. Two young characters Kevin Jenkins and his mate? They were a bit wary of the stranger with a camera at first but I managed to chat with them and Heather. I even got Kevin (with hoodie on) to star in the film. He was pointing the way to the Dyke and then wanted his wheelie shown in it. I thought that was a fair deal to try and (hate this word but..'engage' youngsters in the Ath. He thought it would be 'well good' to be on Youtube. So that is why he is in the film. Let's just hope the rest of Offas Dyke Tree hunt goes just aswell...
Posted by Robert McBride on 10 November 2007