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Ancient tree

Oak at SP56880598

Jill Butler
23/07/2015 10:19
Ivan Wright
18 December 2007
5m 20cm  
1m 50cm  

The Shotover Oak

Public - open access (e.g. public park)  
  • Public or open space
Ancient tree
Shotover Project
  • Beafsteak fungus (Fistulina hepatica)
  • Moss
  • Decaying wood in the crown
  • Hollowing trunk

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Tree Blog

This is a "Landmark Tree" that stands at an intersection of several main footpaths within Shotover Country Park, a public access site that is managed by Oxford City Council. The tree stands on an historic field boundary between Johnson's Piece and the Tan. Ivan Wright reported that "Sadly, today the The Shotover Oak split and fell with just the lower trunk remaining. The first half fell this morning, which was reported to SW; and Jacqueline and I were there to witness the final collapse at 3pm (having just cordoned it off from the public). A sad day indeed - the tree was about 400 years old. But life goes on and the Shotover Oak will continue its contribution as important dead wood habitat." Later the next day he reported epicormic growth alive on the trunk and so it is hoped the ancient oak will phoenix.
Posted by Jill Butler on 23 July 2015