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Tree image gallery

Pedunculate Oak at SK6205367902
Taken on 1 February 1910
Another Edwardian postcard of the tree, in Valentines series, postmarked 17th. Feb. 1910. The post on R. side of tree is a sign, not a prop for the low branch, and patches of what seem to be lead plating can be seen on several boughs
Taken on 1 July 1910
Postcard by S. Hildesheimer and co. in the Dukeries series, postmarked 12th. July 1910. From an oil painting featuring the famous oak, artist unknown
Taken on 1 July 1975
taken some time in the mid 1970s when my sister and I could climb inside the trunk
Taken on 30 August 2005
The Major Oak
Taken on 27 September 2006
Taken on 21 March 2010
Taken on 29 December 2012
Taken on 29 December 2012