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Comments for the tree: Pedunculate Oak at SK53323940
Th acorn from this tree planted last autumn is finally sprouting and is turning into a strong sapling. Just needs potting on now.
Posted by MICHELLE DAVIES on 26 May 2009
My acorn just sprouted! Now if I can just get the little chap through the winter...
Posted by Nick Atkinson on 10 December 2008
I've just planted an acorn from this tree for the 'Ancients to Acorns' campaign. Hopefullly, I'll see a seedling next spring and it will grow big and strong like it's relative.
Posted by MICHELLE DAVIES on 30 September 2008
This tree was selected to gather acorns from during the Tree Council's seed gathering season. The Ancient Tree Hunt ran the initiative 'Acorns to Ancients' in 2008 and acorns from this tree have been planted on by members of the Woodland Trust
Posted by Nikki Williams on 18 September 2008