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Comments for the tree: Pedunculate Oak at SU94828458
I met my dear wife when I was living in Langley near Burnham Beeches. She was 15 and I 19. When we met she was scared of trees now she loves them as much as I. I wonder if our courting days made that so! We used to go to the Beeches, walk in the woods, have a picnic and sometimes do our courtship under the canopies. Langley Park and Black Park near Pinewood Studios also have beautiful ancient trees. The graveyard at Horton where her mom is buried has fantastic Yews. This particular tree at Burham looks familiar, we may well have picknicked under it and it witnessed a blossoming romance under her huge branches. Now back in my native Derbyshire I came across some huge trees in a small wood near Hartington. Must measure their girth and take some pix.
Posted by Dex Stocker on 27 March 2008
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Posted by Liz Manley on 26 March 2008